It's making a humming noise
Nothing happens, when on
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It's making a humming noise
If the disposer is jammed, you might hear a humming noise when trying to turn it on. Turn the disposer off right away, then unplug it from the wall socket (or at the circuit breaker). Most garbage disposers have a port at the bottom, which you can use to insert a 1/4" Allen wrench (usually supplied with the disposer) and free up the disposer by turning the wrench back and forth. With the power still turned off, remove any foreign objects from the disposer, then push on the red button (located near the port, at the bottom of the disposer), in case it has popped out, to reset the disposer.

If your disposer does not have a port at the bottom, or if you can't turn the wrench, you might have to call a professional or replace the garbage disposer.
Nothing happens, when on
1. No power to the disposer
Make sure there's power getting to the garbage disposer. Check for a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. Check the wall socket for power with a voltmeter or by plugging something else in.

2. Jammed disposer
Follow the same steps as for "It's making a humming noise" above.

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